Corporate Social Responsibility

Self-obliged entrepreneurial social responsibility; principle for an economical; ecological; and, social orientation of the expalas Sales Engineering LTD.

We are an economic company, which is sales- and profit-oriented as well. We do not have the size of a Global Player; nevertheless, we recognize the meaning of acting in a responsible way. We respect these policies in our daily business as well as in our entrepreneurial overall orientation.

We stand by this obligation and for an active participation at the global community. So; that we provide our contribution for a supportive, fair, and; sustainable social order.
  1. Social responsibility and respectful conduct with our employees

    Social responsibility is a decent handling within any employee, especially in combination with job and life experience. We support any form of training and experience. We live to those standards to everyone. Every employee is authorized to take courses regarding those matters. We support the principle of equal opportunity and provide our employees the opportunity to pass training measures. The reintegration and training opportunities for young professional are essential for expalas. We provide guidance of any kind.
  2. Selection of partners and cooperation with customers

    Principles, we oblige, are to be adhered by our customers, as well. We expect the same accounting rules for our partners and customers, which we impose to ourselves. On this account we verify our business relationships; as well as our own consumer behavior. Currently, expalas counts on partnerships with companies, which are ecological sustainable and socially fair. In the future, these criteria will be even stronger relevant for a cooperation with companies out of the financial service industry, energy suppliers, insurance industry and, the food industry. Every one of us, no matter if human or company, has the chance to do one’s bit in his daily decisions and in his or her personal consumer behavior, just as the responsibility towards fellow human beings and the nature.
  3. Sustainability and environmental protection

    We attempt to minimize our ecological footprint. Committing ourselves protecting the environment and the economical use of natural resources, we are no “saints”; but, sustainability is a defining element in our business activity. Our company will contribute to societal objectives to harmonize economy and ecology. Even in the selection of providers and suppliers we take care of in the compliance of ecological standards.

Nicosia, January 1st 2017