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Sales Automation

Solution-orientated sales in social media. Gain new potentials and advance your reputation to enhance rates and faster responses.

expalas acts as your personal task force: We detect the responsible, guide the dialogues and create a sustainable bond. We adopt your daily sales business; so, you can concentrate on the profitable appointments.

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time savings for own networking
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less elaborating from classic sales
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Stating yourself an expert

Stage yourself as a digital network specialist - Face potential customers as a valuable contact. Be a mentor - not a salesman.

Generation of Leads

Approach your target group with their matters of interest directly. That is how you generate clients from interested ones.

Lead Nurturing

Provide steady news to your target group regarding services and new information. That is how you establish consequent, new opportunities.

Cost per Lead CASE - Software supplier for customs and export from Endingen
TARGET - Import and export orientated, systematic reaction and construct long-term
RESULT - Cost per Lead 75% lower than other sales measures. 1.909 generated Leads, 281 “Hot- Leads”
Response-Quote CASE - Consultancy for personnel progress
TARGET - Introduce the technique to the personnel decision makers
RESULT - 52% response rate and 160 Leads, thereof 32 “Hot- Leads” after 1 month
Termine mit Entscheidern CASE - Solution provider for POS creations
TARGET - Initiation of a dialogue with decision makers
RESULT - One Key Account Client within two months, plus eight target appointments
Generierte Leads CASE - Real-estate service and Software provider
TARGET - Solutions for decision makers in real-estate department and property management
RESULT - 145 target dates within one year out of 666 generated leads
Hot-Leads CASE - Classical advertising agency for expositions and exhibitions
TARGET - Qualification of medium-term requirement in dialogue with decision makers
RESULT - 31 “Hot-Leads” after 2 months for a first get-to-know and in total 259 new leads
Experteninszenierung CASE - Medium-sized company from Schwarzwald
TARGET - Experts staging the purchase and product management of electronic components
RESULT - 37% response rate and 579 new decider contacts after 3 months
Gesprächschancen CASE - Professional business consultancy from Baden Baden
TARGET - Generate conversational opportunities to chief executives of medium-sized companies
RESULT - 38 “Hot-Leads” after one month and 52% response rate
Wettbewerb CASE - German holding organization for creative industries
TARGET - Generate participants for the annual “award competition”
RESULT - Generating 1987 “Hot Leads” in 6 months. Overall leads 5328

Real needs are visible before contacting.


Act as an expert – do not act as a salesman; be a specialist.


Economical leads from various serious sources - they are worth it.


Constant mailing for containing systematical growth.

Altogether for your success!
PHONE +49-69-94519861